Author Topic: NEW BOOK!!!! The Colt 1911, What? Another .45 Auto Book?  (Read 8933 times)


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NEW BOOK!!!! The Colt 1911, What? Another .45 Auto Book?
« on: July 26, 2022, 01:39:36 PM »
  NEW EDITION AVAILABLE NOW, NOVEMBER 8, 2023!    This latest edition has 8 additional pages of text and color photographs.  This book about the Model 1911 Colt is for someone who is interested in the 1911 and wants to learn more.  The book has the history of the Colt large frame automatics that lead to the final development of this pistol.  I wrote it for my grandson, Adam Lerro, who after shooting one for the first time, wanted one.  The book is soft bound, 8.5 by 11 inches, 20 chapters with 156 pages of color pictures and text.  I show the different major  models, explaining briefly the history of each.  I show pictures of them along with complete disassembly/reassembly instructions (with pictures) for the M1911.  I try to keep it simple and not go into any great detail as there are other books on the market that do this.  I don't really think a beginner is interested in the fact that one 1911 has a different size script on the slide from another made by the same company.  There is also a brief mention of the 1911 slides made by the A.J. Savage Arms Co., in 1918.  I also explain the different ammunition and touch briefly on holsters, and magazine pouches.  The price is $50 with free shipping via USPS Media rate, NOT INSURED.  For insured shipping via USPS Priority Mail, add $10.00.  NO RETURN.  NO INTERNATIONAL SALES.  For shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, send your complete mailing address before payment and I will quote an exact shipping cost.   I will be happy to answer any questions.  See pictures of various pages below.  Click on pictures to enlarge.  Thank you for looking.

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