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Hi 219 / 220 Enthusiasts!
I am in need of some gunsmithing guidance.  I am a casual 220 collector and recently purchased a .30–30 219 barrel and forend that I want to fit to one of my 220s.  I am a pretty good amateur gunsmith but have never done this particular task before.  On one of the 220 actions, the barrel almost closes but not quite.  It closes enough to fire, but the barrel is not quite seated level in the action and the firing pin strikes right at the bottom edge of the primer. 
My question is how do you “fit” the barrel to the action?  Do you machine the hinge recess in the barrel block to allow the barrel to move forward slightly and close?  Of course if you machine the end of the chamber you are now affecting cartridge seating, etc. 
What is the mechanism that allows the barrel to square up to and lock up level in the action? Does the factory also fit the bottom of the barrel to fit the recess in the action or does the standard geometry of the manufacture allow the barrels to want to lay in there level and square?  I would appreciate any guidance from a gunsmith that has done this before.

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