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Data Request Sheets for M219 & M220 Savage Hammerless Single Shot Arms


I would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this data sheet(s) on a gun(s) you have, to aid in my research.  Email to or snail mail to Garnett Stancil, 340 County Road 232, Valley Grande, AL 36701.  If you email, please put Savage in the title so I will know it is not spam.  Your name and address will not be kept on file.  Thank you.

Data Request Sheet
Savage Single Shot Hammerless Actions
Model 219 Rifle and Model 220 Shotguns Rifle_____  Caliber__________  Shotgun____Gauge_____
Shotgun Chamber Length:  2 3/4”___3”___ Serial Number_________
Sights:  Front: Plain, with brass/gold bead___Plain, with NO brass/gold bead___Other style___ Please describe:
Rear:  Factory early milled ___ stamped___Elevator early milled style___stamped___ Other___  Please describe:
 Action Markings:  None___219___-219-___219A___219B___ 219C___
Action Address:  Utica, N.Y.___Chicopee Falls, Mass.___ Westfield, Mass.___
Drilled & Tapped For Action Sight:  Yes___No___
Inspector Marks :(Inside frame on top left rail): Yes___Marking_______ No___   (These marks will also be on the underside of the barrel and under the butt  plate.   They could be a combination of letters or numbers.)  I.E.    2 over XYZ
Finish:  Blue___Color Casehardened___Too worn to tell___
Engraved: NO___Yes___Bottom of Frame___Both Sides of Frame____
 “U.S.” Marked: Yes___No___”Flaming Bomb” Marked: Yes___No___
Date:  No___Yes___Date______ It should be something like 4E or similar  numbers and letters in a circle.  (Please see chapter 12 for an explanation)
Barrel Address:  Side___Top___Utica, N.Y.___Chicopee Falls, Mass.___
Westfield, Mass.___  Length___inches.   Flanged___ or Plain round___
 (If less than 26 inches, What is the muzzle diameter?)  ______
Choke (Manual adjustable) No___ Yes___Poly Choke___Savage Choke___
Drilled & Tapped for Scope: No___Yes___Top___Side___
Grooved For Scope Over Chamber: Yes___No___
Inspector Marks:  (Under barrel in front of locking lug.  See explanation
above)  Yes___Mark__________No___
Forearm:  Slim___ Semi-Beaver Tail (Fat)___ Inside marks: No___ Yes___  Mark______ (This mark could be just a single digit number or several letters)
Trap Model With Full Beavertail and Checkering:  Yes___No___
Proof Marks:  These are funny looking little marks better described in Chapter 11.   Please just draw as best you can any of them on your gun.
Safety:  Steel___Alloy___
Stock:  Walnut___Stained Hardwood___Fluted Comb, Yes___No___
Butt plate, Hard Rubber___Re-enforcement Rib, Yes___No___
Rubber Recoil Pad___Solid___Ribbed___Screws, Slotted___Phillips Head ___  Stock shortened, Yes___No___ (should be 14”  (Length of Pull).  This measurement from the trigger to the butt plate.
Inspector marks stamped in wood under butt plate Yes____No___
(These should resemble the same marks under barrel and inside the action).  If they are not there, this is a good indication the stock has been shortened at some point in time.  Marks________
Special Trap Model in Monte Carlo Style with Cheek Piece: Yes__No__
Pistol Grip with Hard Rubber Cap: Yes__No__ Number screws in Cap___
Checkered: Yes___No___
Trigger:  Slim___Fat___
Trigger Guard:  Steel, gracefully curved & tapered___ or Alloy, painted black___

Mike Armstrong:
Garnett, three (more-or-less) completed data sheets will go in the snail mail to you on Monday (I'm off tomorrow to do my every-two-years refresher/recertification in First Aid/CPR and Backcountry Rescue, which takes all day and about all the energy I've got....).

One thing that came up in filling out the sheets is that I noticed that the 20 guage 220 barrel that I got from a member of 1) has no model number on it, nor any manufacturer name/site (although it shows every sign of being a Utica product), and 2)it fits the Utica "-219-" marked .30-30 I just got PERFECTLY! 

Is this just a coincidence, or is this barrel likely a "lost" shotgun barrel from a Model 223 or other rifle/shotgun combination set?  Are the shotgun barrels of the "combinations" marked with a model number and manufacturer name/location, or are they just identified by guage as this one is? 

This shotgun barrel came from Indiana and the 219 came from Nevada, so I think it very unlikely that they were originally together as a combo set.  But as a veteran Savage collector I know of says, "Savage--Never Say Never!"

Mike Armstrong

Mike, I will have to look in to this.  I have 3 utility guns.  I will check the barrel markings carefully and report my findings.  Many thanks for the data sheets.  I will look forward to them! 

I am a little late with my answer (11-6-16), sorry about that.  I have checked all 3 shotgun barrels on my "Utility Gun" sets and all 3 are marked the same:  Savage Arms Corp Model 220 on the left side and Proof Tested xx Gauge on the right side of the barrel.


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