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Barrel Interchange
« on: September 22, 2017, 01:07:32 PM »
I am seeing more barrels for M219/220's for sale on the internet.  More and more of the ads say or imply, that the barrels will interchange easily.  In my 13+ years of research, I have not found this to be so.  I have added additional barrels to some actions, and only two of them fit perfectly.  The balance either had to be fitted by my gunsmith to put that particular barrel on a particular action, or I had to try the barrel on several of my existing guns to find one the barrel would work on without being fitted by my gunsmith.  So, if you are wanting an additional barrel for your existing gun, just remember, it may fit, or it may require fitting by a gunsmith, or it may not fit at all.  Also, the early M219/220's and M219/220A's are striker fired.  The barrels on these actions will not cock the hammer on the M219/220B and later actions.  The late barrels, B, C, & D suffixes, will work on the early actions, as the M219/220's and "A" suffixes are cocked by moving the top lever to the right.  Something else to consider when adding a new barrel.....your existing forearm may not fit the new barrel.  If you modified the forearm to fit the new barrel, then most likely, it won't fit the existing barrel any longer.  I have purchased an addition forearm for each new barrel so as to not have this problem. I hope this will help.

Mike Armstrong

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Re: Barrel Interchange
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2017, 10:33:57 AM »
What I find with ebay is that the seller often don't show the left side of the locking area very clearly, so you can't see if the cocking stud is present or not.  The barrels themselves are almost never marked as to model.

If you're buying a barrel for a B,C, or D, you'll either need to have the seller email you the correct view of the barrel or make very sure that they will return the barrel if it's not the right one.  I'd get that in "writing" from them as well as checking their ratings for complaint and/or comments on their return policy. 

As Garnett points out, the right barrel MAY work; the wrong one certainly will not.  That said, I've had excellent luck finding barrels that "popped on," or were able to be fitted with a minimum of careful polishing.