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Savage 101 for DUMMYS"!


Mike Armstrong:
Garnett, there's an interesting thread on the "Savage Collectors" forum of the website that shows good pictures of an NIB Savage 101 pistol that was made at Chicopee Falls as a sample or prototype marked "DUMMY" on the bottom of the butt.  Since you are the only collector I know of who cares about the 101, I thought you might want to take a look.


Mike Armstrong

Mike, thanks for this info.  I will look at it.  Also, I am not the only one.... :)...I have talked with one reader of my book who has one, and his box is completely different from the one I picture in my book.  So....there are at least two of us!  :)   He was going to send me pictures of his box, but never did.  Thanks again for this info.  Best wishes, Garnett

Mike, I just looked at the site.  It is a really nice pistol and I feel, as does the owner, that it is very rare.  I would love to have one for my collection.  Thanks again for telling me about it!

I have now written a book on this little known pistol.  Details are in the "For Sale" section.


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