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Repairing a barrel pivot lug

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I just bought a 219 barrel in .30-30 to fit to my 220A action. The toe of the barrel pivot lug is cracked above the hole for the pin that captures the front of the ejector lever (see picture.) I was able to lightly hammer the bent part of the toe back up, but I need to try to seal that crack to prevent a recurrence. Any suggestions on how to repair this before I start fitting the barrel? I'm wondering if brazing would be a good option, then re-drill the hole for the ejector lever pin.

I have never seen this type damage before.  I will print the picture and show it to my gun smith to see if he has any suggestions.  I should see him tomorrow.

Thanks, Garnett. This is how I got it, so no idea how it got that way. Really hope I can fix it, because it looks great on my receiver. I'm going to adapt a Savage Model 99 Schnabel forearm to it, and I've got a .30-30 / .32 H&R Magnum chamber adapter that I'm anxious to try out.

Guess what I am working on right now.....I have a 2nd Model Utica 220 action with a M219 flanged barrel in .22 Hornet.  I am reworking an original stock and......
I purchased a semi-inletted 99 Savage  Schnabel forearm for it.  I got the action off Gun Broker and the barrel, forearm, and stock off Ebay.  Looks like two great minds running together! :)  Please share pictures when your project is completed and I will do the same.

Will do. I think those long slender rifle barrels are perfect for Schnabel forearms - especially from a Savage 99 - which keeps it "all in the family."


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