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Book with Savage 340 info?


I've long had an interest in the ugly duckling model 340's and their variations.  Surely there are some books out there with info on these!  Does anyone know of books about the 340 or that have info on it?  I'd like to know dates made, number produced, calibers, other models such as Western Field Montgomery Wards, etc.

Trooper Dan,  I have one book, Savage & Stevens Arms, 1864-2003.  It only mentions the M340 by reproducing a full page Savage advertisement from March of 1957.  I have another book, Savage & Stevens Arms & History, by Bill West.  It only shows an undated full page reproduced ad. It mentions a 340 "Bolt Carbine", but does not show a picture.  The ad I did find in this book, shows a 340 Standard Model and a 340-s (little "S" used) listed as a "De Luxe" model.  Have you searched eBay and Amazon?  You may have the same problem I had when I could find no information on the M219/220 single shots.  I paid $125 for one of those books and all it had was a one page reproduced ad from the early 1940's about these two guns.  In frustration....I wrote my own book.  Give it some thought and good luck to you.  Let us know how your search goes. 

I just checked Ebay.  They have 3 magazines, Shooting Times, and Guns & Ammo.  All 3 have articles about the M340.  Amazon has a "Gun World" magazine with an article on the 340.  Also, "Google" the 340.  There are several articles there.  Good luck!

Does anyone have a copy of this book:
Savage & Stevens Arms: Collector's History, 5th Edition
Author is Jay Kimmel.

I am wondering if it is worth buying and especially if it has any info on the 340 and it's variations.

I am about a year late in this reply, but I don't recall reading it before.  I have the book and I only found one page with a reproduced ad on the 340.


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