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372786374300 Ebay number.   This is a rare barrel.  Numrich sold them at $125 plus shipping.  Since they were sold out when I discovered them, I checked the internet daily until finally I found mine on Ebay.  I think I paid $150 plus shipping.  I have an article on this barrel in my book.  While I do not believe that Savage Arms made it, it is an excellent quality barrel, and could have been made by Savage.  It is unmarked other than a "20" in a circle.  This "20" could denote the gauge or.... I have some Savage Model 219/220's in my collection with this same mark.  Who knows?  It did fit the first action I tried it on.  It locks up tight and looks good.  I have not shot it.  This is only the 2nd one of these barrels I have seen.

It sold after the 2nd listing at the minimum bid of $150.  The same seller now has a second 20 gauge, 20 inch barrel for sale with an opening bid of $100.  This new listing has only the "20" , but not in a circle as these other slug barrels had, no other proofs.  However, it is different in that it has a "bead" front sight and no slot in the rear for a rifle style sight.  I would really like to know the origin of this second barrel.

This latest barrel sold early today.  As well as I can remember, I have only seen two other of the slug barrels with rifle sights in addition to the one in my collection.

Mike Armstrong:
I suspect--but do NOT know--that these barrels were made from leftover/spare parts by Numrich Arms Company (Now "Gun Parts Co.")  in West Hurley,  NY and probably sold through their retail store there to New York deer hunters who already had a 220 or 219.  I saw many variations of adapted parts to new uses like this there and wish I had taken notes!  I do not specifically remember these, however.

I would have paid better attention to this stuff back in the 1990s if I'd known Garnett was going to be writing his books!  But being in the Numrich treasure house was somewhat dazzling to somebody who had been reading about it for 50 years and suddenly had the opportunity to visit it every few months!

Have a great 2020 everybody!

Mike Armstrong

Evidently Numrich has the slug barrels back in stock. Or at least one, because I just bought one.
I have not received it yet but got an email Friday, order shipped!

Strangely, I was bidding on on the other barrel mentioned in this tread. The short 20ga with the bead only was on gunbroker and sold for $87. You can see it by searching Savage 220 barrel in completed auctions.

I was more interested in the barrel with rifle sights and let the other go without bumping my bid.

I’ll have the barrel threaded for rifled choke tube and turkey choke and maybe a scope later.


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