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I Learned Something Today!
« on: October 28, 2019, 05:04:49 PM »
I have been rebuilding a shotgun leather luggage type case to put a Savage M219 rifle in.  It is a prewar (to you young folks, that means pre WWII) case that had seen hard use.  All the original internal fittings had broken loose plus the outside straps were in bad shape.  I carefully refitted the original dividers and to my surprise, all but two fit the M219.  I had used all my thin wood and needed one more block to hold the barrel in place.  I had some 3/4 inch Styrofoam sheets and two of them glued together in a 1.5 inch square was exactly what I needed.  I use quick drying model airplane wood glue on almost everything.  I put the two blocks together and then added glue on one outside piece and placed on top of the velvet cloth I was using to cover with.  I then placed a box of 50 rounds of .45 auto ammo on top to hold everything in place until the glue dried.  When I returned 30 minutes later, the cartridge box was flat on the table.  The glue had completely dissolved the Styrofoam!  Perhaps some other glue might work, but model airplane wood glue will not!  I am sorry the picture is not any better.