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New to forum
« on: November 27, 2019, 04:05:17 PM »
I've become a fan of the 219 since about five years ago.  I'd always liked them, when the rimfire shortage was at its peak, I decided I was going to use my skills as a handloader and bullet caster to find something to take the place of .22LR.  A 219 in .22 Hornet was for sale locally, and it's been a steady road since.  I now have that one plus a couple of others in .30-30 and a project one I want to have made up into a Rook Rifle sort of thing.

That Hornet one has become my favorite rifle for squirrel hunting and generally poking around in the woods.  A cast bullet and a little fast burning pistol powder lays fox squirrels out handily without tearing them up. 
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Re: New to forum
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Rich, Welcome to the forum and many thanks for sharing with us!  Best wishes, Garnett