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This gun was sold on GB today.  It is highly modified.  See picture #4.  This barrel shroud us nicely done.  I like the looks of it, but it must have been difficult to install.  I would have bid, but am out of money.  It sold for less than $400.  What is your opinion of this shotgun?

Woods Wanderer:
Nice looking shotgun. Is that trigger guard screw original or a replacement? The finish seems different than the other pictured screws. I would have bid on it but I don't know if I would have gone to $400.

Hi all I am the very happy winner of said shotgun.  I will answer any questions and here are some photos. The checkering is well done and the trigger is done over nicely. $366 .

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!  Does the shroud over the barrel appear to be cosmetic only?  Will you also show a close up picture of the grip cap and front site.  The original sale pictures appeared to have a ramp with a bead for the front sight. 

Here you go, enjoy. The shroud is an add on, not milled from the barrel. There's two sights on the barrel I have included a picture of both.


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