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Trigger Pull Modification?

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I gave my daughter a customized M220A action with a .22 Hornet barrel for her birthday.  The trigger pull is so hard, it seems impossible to shoot a good group.  Sometime in the past, a reader of my book called me and told me of a spray coating made for automobile brakes, that he applies to the trigger and sear of his M219/220's that greatly improves the trigger pull.  My problem is that I can't find my notes from my conversation with him.  Also, does anyone else have any suggestions as to how to improve the trigger pull on these models?  While her rifle is beautifully engraved with custom wood and sights, it is NO fun to shoot with this trigger pull.


* Hi Garnett, you can email me with some info on which action it is. As you know the 220a and Utica 220 actions with the striker actions differ. I successfully took a 220 type action that had an incorrect
Trigger sear angle that would let go just sitting on the bench, safety or not, and made it safe again. The change in sear engagement made to the 220a action addresses the problem somewhat. The ultimate change to the internal hammer firing pin action almost eliminates the issue. The problem with that was a good trigger pull is much harder to achieve. The original Utica 220 action with the right striker to trigger sear angle has the best trigger pull and lock time. We can talk about in reference to the pictures I sent a few days ago of the engraved action.

After reading closet you said 220a. So, if I remember correctly the sear engagement notch on the trigger part is hardened and cannot be filed or polished easily to change the trigger pull. Any work to change the trigger pull can be done on the sear proper or the notch in the firing pin/striker assembly.

Cleetus, thanks for this info.  I will advise my gunsmith.

I will scan page 37 of your book and draw arrows  on the lower image to the two points than can be polished/worked on to affect the desired result.


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