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New 220 Utica 20 Gauge


I recently purchased a M220 off GB.  It is a First Model Utica.   It had a non standard stock and Bubba had repaired the forearm.  I gambled that the stock work might be factory original.  However, after looking at the stock I don't think it is a factory work, but there are enough differences in the gun to make me think it is a very early gun.  I hope to do a better repair than Bubba did!One big difference is that there is NO provision for an ejector.  Also, some of the internal parts are different from other Utica guns in my collection.   A friend in Canada has one with similar internal parts.  Update, 3-7-20.  I have repaired the broken end of the forearm and refinished with 4 coats of Tru-Oil.  While it is not perfect, it is much better than when I got it.  Also, it looks much better to the naked eye that in the picture blow ups.  I'll start on the stock next.  It is not broken, but has lots of dents to try to take out.

I just had some input from a friend.  He suggests the ejector hole was damaged and the ejector removed.  Sounds reasonable to me.

Here is the action Garnett is referring to. Part of the similarity is because I had to replace the striker firing pin as it had an issue. The one I took out had a different safety push rod. Note the difference in the safety from Garnetts new gun. It’s weird but this is closer to the system they reverted back to in the 1960s. Go figure.

By the way, wait til Garnett posts a picture of the wood figure of the buttstock. Definitely not typical Savage single shot quality.

Mike Armstrong:
An here I thought that the 219/220s were simple arms with a simple history.  It seems like what my old boss used to say (usually when the rest of us would have used a bunch of four letter words....): "Nothing is ever simple."

In this case the "complexities" are nothing to cuss about, tho!  Just real fun.


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