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custom 20 gauge


Garnett has already seen these but thought I would post these pictures of my engraved Utica action gun with the custom stock. I bought it with a 22 hornet barrel that proved to have too much head space. Therefore i decided to fit a nice barrel off of on of my 20 gauge guns. I had to inlet the forearm to nicely accept the 20 gauge barrel. I had also found a contact number for the Engraver of the gun and called him. He had done the engraving in the 1990's along with to other 220 receivers as a project to get his work out there for people to see. I asked him what this work should be worth today. He told me he would now charge what works out to 25x what I paid for the gun. he spent hundreds of hours on this one. The other gun pictured is one with original factory finish.

WOW, very nice. Thanks for the pictures. That has to be one of the best I have ever seen, truly beautiful.


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