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There are a number of sources of data on the internet that can be a help to those of us that like old weapons. A few of the ones I’ve found are:

LeeRoy Wisner. A retired gunsmith rebuilds a couple of 219s

Tremendous collection of out of print gunsmithing books including Frank de Hass – Single shot idea book

Those of you that are into reloading: M. D. Smith's reloading pages

What do you do when you browse to one of these pages… Download a copy of  cutepdf, it installs as a printer and gives you a pdf of whatever you’ve browsed to….

Have fun and happy hunting,  Jim Bauer

Jim, this is really good information!  Thanks for sharing with us.  I just read Mr. Wisner's article.  The reworked 219 is amazing after the condition he found it in before restoration. 

Mike Armstrong:
 A very interesting article--thanks for finding it and posting it!  Learned a couple of things that would  be of use if I ever find another 219 or 220 that just NEEDS restoration....

Time to add another one.   This is a rather long discussion of the Model 19. Starts in 2006 and ends in 2018 with the last entry none other than our fearless leader... Garnett, did you ever get that 32-20, I know it only took me from 1968 to last year to finally getting a Police Positive to match my 32-20 Winchester 92, lots of SAA,s but who can afford them...



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