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28 gauge first production


Hi Garnett,

Been a while.  Hope all is good down south. 

Having acquired a .22 Hornet and .410 at long last, my attention is turning to 28 gauge.  But as I look through old and current listings on the interweb, most seem to be later guns.

Are there first generation, Utica marked 28 gauges?  Or did they all come after?


Sentry,  My 28 gauge is a M220A made at Chicopee in 1954.  It is a standard gun with a walnut non-fluted stock.  The is another on Gun Broker now, also a 220A.  GB # 872663612.  It appears to be a standard unaltered gun.  The pictures are of a poor quality.  The 28 gauge was introduced in 1954.  They are hard to find.

Thx Garnett.  I didnt realize there were no Utica era 28's.

Have a Happy 4th!



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