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50 Plus Years Since Last Fired
« on: October 21, 2020, 09:52:40 PM »
I've finally gotten off the waiting list for our local gun club. Not bad as it's 5 minutes and one stop sign from my home. I finally dragged the 219 22 Hornet out of the back of the safe, ran some patches down the barrel and took it off to the range.  I inherited the gun back in the 60's, it was old and dusty even then. For one reason or another it just set and collected dust (could have been that I stopped shooting in the late 70's).  I had half a box of Remington's from the same era and I took them with me. The sights on the poor thing are very loose and I sort of bent the rear down to make it a bit tighter.

Set up a pair of targets on the 50 yard line and let loose. First try was a misfire.. second was high on the target though it was nice to see it on the paper considering my eyesight only shows a blur through those old iron sights.  Managed to get a couple more shots off  and plenty of misfires. All of the shots were some where's on the target, so I was quite pleased The misfires look as if there isn't enough oomph on the firing pin, so next is a good cleaning and oiling.

Also took my month old AxisII FV 22LR target rifle with me, finished sighting it in, about 20 shots, all in the x ring until it stopped ejecting.... Looks like the derelict old ones are more reliable than the shiny new ones.

Jim Bauer