Author Topic: Savage Arms Records Now At Buffalo Bill Museum  (Read 1672 times)


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Savage Arms Records Now At Buffalo Bill Museum
« on: October 13, 2021, 01:50:05 PM »
I recently sent a letter to Savage Arms inquiring information on a Savage Model 101 single shot pistol.  Today I received an answer with my check saying they no longer had any records.  The letter is printed below.  I can find no way on the listed web site to get information on how to submit a request and the cost thereof.  I sent an email requesting information and immediately got a computer generated response saying the person was out of the office until October 18th, and I could call if I wanted to.  The Savage Historical web site still says they will furnish information.  Very frustrating!  I imagine if I can get a price quote it will be considerably higher that the $35 Savage has been charging.