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I just wanted to greet forum members and fans of the Savage 219/220. I will attempt to post in 219 forum about a utility combo that I have had nearly all my life. It was originally purchased by my father in approximately 1940.

I'm in my 70's and my dad had given me the 30-30 and 20 GA. combo when I was 12. It later wound up back in his care for some years. I got it back when he had gotten into his later 80's and his sight was failing.

I had been a lifetime hunter and shooter, but gave up hunting abut 12 years ago. Mostly for health reasons. I plan to put the 219 into use in the near future for some range use. I had been a collector of military rifles and had some nice pieces as old as the 1880's, but mostly WWI and WWII. A good many contract Mausers as well. Those are all gone. Anyhow, Garnett, thanks for this forum and all your work. I had bought the first edition of your 219/220 book some years ago and hope I can locate it soon.