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--- Quote from: rbh45 on March 19, 2015, 03:40:28 PM ---My name is Mike.  I've recently procured a Chicopee Falls 219 in very nice condition.  It's tight and shoots and ejects well (really ejects!!).  I've just ordered Garnett's book and am eager to learn more about this rifle as this little single shot truly fascinates me.  I look forward to learning more from all of you.  I'd sent pictures but unable to do so?  It's a 30/30, by the way, and has an extra mystery 9MM-RF (.357) barrel.

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Without further adieu, Here's RBH45's 9mm/357 barrel, nice! Thanks for sharing!  :P

The 9mm barrel was the main reason for my search to begin with.  It's 18 inches and is rifled not off-centered and has no markings save "Selected Forged Steel-Proof Tested 9MM-R.F". .357Mag  I haven't fired the .357 barrel and it is VERY difficult to break open unlike the 30/30.  I'll attach more pics hoping that you might get them.  I'm no wizard with the computer either, very frustrating indeed!!  Plus the barrel locking lug?? is longer on the 9mm 2.606 vs 2.533 inch which probably explains the difficulty of breaking open the rifle.  Hope this helps.  If you have any info it would greatly be appreciated if you would share.  Thanks

more pics

Thank you for sending these pictures and thanks to my son for puting them on this site.  My 9mm is here and I will pick it up on Monday.

Who did you send the barrel to?  I'd like to see pics.  Thanks for posting. 8)

I have not sent the barrel, I suppose I did not make myself clear.  I have purchased a M220 with the 9 mm barrel that has been converted to .357.  I will post pictures of mine after I get it, hopefully Monday.  I think the barrel is going to be identical to yours.  I will be at a gun show this weekend in Birmingham, Alabama and will be looking for a M219 in .32-20 caliber.  That is the only standard caliber I do not have. 


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