Author Topic: Happy New Year!  (Read 1715 times)


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Happy New Year!
« on: January 01, 2019, 12:03:16 PM »
Having picked up a Utica 219 in 30/30 recently I thought I should find out a bit about it.  Thank you for the forum.
DFW area, and it has already taken a spike this season, quite a feat from public land in TX.  I have already purchased a 16GA barrel and forearm from Ebay that will be going to the gunsmith this spring for needed fitting.  Really like the guns!


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Re: Happy New Year!
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2019, 05:39:13 PM »
Before you pay a gunsmith to "fit" your new barrel and forearm, try installing them yourself.  There is a possibility that the new barrel and forearm will drop right in place.  I have had the good experience at least on 3 occasions.  However,  I have had to try a new barrel or 4 or 5 of my actions before I found one it would actually fit without any work being done to it.  You might get lucky.  Please keep us informed how it works out.  Best wishes for a Happy New Year!