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Savage 219/220 Mostly Unknown
« on: July 20, 2022, 12:15:43 PM »
For the second show in a row I have had some of my collection for sale.  I have found that the general public, even though interested in firearms, does not know what the guns are.  I have had "experts" point them out to their friends and say, "That is a Winchester Model 37", or "That is a Stevens Model 94", etc.  At the last show, only two people even picked them up to look.  Most people are not interested in single barrels, but only doubles or the latest "Black" gun.  The best comment, which I have mentioned before, was the "expert" who accused me of tampering with the barrel on my Savage Model 220 Trap gun.  He advised me that Savage never made a 36" barrel in 16 gauge.  These Trap guns are rare.  I have 3 (12, 16, 20) and was out bid on at 28 and .410 gauge gun.  I recently talked with a man who just purchased a "Trap" model in 28 gauge.  His makes a total of only 6 Trap models that I have seen for sale.
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