Author Topic: WTS: Savage 219B rifle relined to .25-20 WCF  (Read 52 times)

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WTS: Savage 219B rifle relined to .25-20 WCF
« on: September 12, 2019, 10:46:04 AM »
I have an excellent condition 219B that was originally a .22 Hornet and was rechambered to an inappropriately high pressure .22 centerfire cartridge based on the .30-30 case, probably a wildcat.  I had an Indiana gunsmith reline it to .25-20 partly because the wildcat chamber was too large in diameter to fit any available .22 Hornet liner, partly because I have long enjoyed the .25-20 in 219s and other rifles.  I am parting with this rifle because I hunt with all my rifles and California has now mandated non-lead bullets for all hunting.  It is very unlikely that appropriate non-lead bullets will ever be manufactured for the .25-20, so I am reluctantly selling mine, except for a Win '92 that was a gift from my grandfather.

This gun is in excellent condition for shooting, but is not a collector's item because of alterations, including the relined barrel.  It has a sound but refinished and slightly reshaped walnut stock and forend, added sling swivels,  a Williams "Shorty" ramp front sight, and the rear sight has been removed and replaced by a Williams dovetail slot filler, which of course could be removed.

Condition is excellent mechanically with about 75% of the case coloring on the receiver and most of the bluing on the barrel.  Strong ejection! The trigger guard has the usual nicks in the black enamel from carrying.

Barrel is the original 26" length with a full liner in the right dimensions for the .25-20 (.257 bore and 1/14" twist), and of course the bore is in new condition.  Rifle comes with a set of unused  Redfield "dovetail low ring" 1" scope rings that mount on the factory dovetail on the formerly .22 Hornet barrel.

Of course this rifle can be fitted with any 219B or later shotgun or rifle barrel.  I will include the .30-30 extractor that was fitted to the wildcat chamber, and a spare firing pin.

I want $350 firm for this rifle including shipping to an FFL. either C&R or O1, in the lower forty.  The FFL will need to be someone who will accept a C&R firearm shipped from an individual.  I can't post pictures on this forum but will try to send some to your email (also can't text pix) if you will email or PM me your email address.  I can also give you the names of the barrel liner maker and the gunsmith who installed the liner and the .25-20 extractor.

Also have 150 rounds of factory .25-20 ctgs. in excellent condition in the factory boxes that I want $100 for (total for all three boxes), including shipping to CONUS Zip codes.  These are increasingly hard to find and will provide a great source for handloading cases once you have shot 'em up.  First refusal to whoever buys this rifle but they have to be shipped separately.  If someone buys the rifle and doesn't get the ammo, I'll open them up to anyone who needs .25-20 shells.

Thanks for reading my post!

Mike Armstrong